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Next Best Option to Eradicate Covid19 If Vaccine Won’t Be available soonest.

Richard Johnson
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The number of Covid19 deaths is now alarming as 195,000 deaths have been recorded worldwide. Scientists are still unable to find a vaccine that would have been the best option to eradicate this pandemic. It seemed lockdowns and other precautionary measures are not working effectively to prevent the spread as the number of new Covid19 cases increases steadily daily.

What is the next best option to eradicate Covid19 if scientists are still struggling with getting a vaccine ready? MASS TESTING. Mass testing is a process whereby everybody within a country is tested irrespective of whoever they are. If everybody could be tested and their results released within a week. Everyone who tested Positive is gathered and all isolated in a particular region for treatments while the ones who tested negative are gathered at another region far enough from the isolated region so that contact of whichever means is not possible between both.

As the ones who tested positive are being treated, tests should be continuously carried out at day intervals on everyone who has tested negative. Anyone who continually tested negative in this group after 14 days is then assumed to be negative totally. At this point, a precise number can be gotten for the total number of Covid19 patients with no further new cases expected.

Government, Doctors, and other medical practitioners will then know how huge their task is as no new cases are expected. Once everyone that tested positive is discharged, some might die but all these should be within 6 weeks maximum. After 6 weeks, Covid19 is eradicated.

However, problems of insufficient test kits, limited spaces for isolating the masses that will test positive, and the limited number of medical practitioners are part of the problems that Mass testing option will face, but it is still the next best option to a vaccine.

Topic starter Posted : 25/04/2020 2:29 am
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This is all true, but if people honestly just listened to the government in time it would be less of a problem nowadays.

Posted : 25/04/2020 6:50 am
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