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When will it all end?


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I feel like i'm sick of this quarantine. I was never the outgoing type but this too much. Any tips to stay sane during this lockdown?

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Find something that you enjoy doing. Separating the mind from the body is an important process of life. You need some kind of hormonal release. Whether that is doing some exercise indoors or doing a painting, this is completely up to you. You just need something to ease the mind.


It's a little crazy for everyone at the moment.  Our office is still operating remotely so there are lots to do every day and I am hardly ever bored.  I do sometimes miss getting in the car and driving to work and listening to my favourite music.  It's funny, but it doesn't feel the same when I listen to the same songs at home.

I am an avid reader, so when I have some free time I would curl up with a book.  I guess find something you enjoy doing or a skill you would like to master and focus on that.  Getting healthy and into shape with a home gym or just using bodyweight has it's own benefits and can get additive (which means the time will pass so much faster)!  Good luck to you!


I've found that just working at keeping myself together without judgement is best. Making an effort to exercise, make my bed, clean, make good and healthy food, read, go for walks, but I often do not get them all done. I just do my best and try not to be too hard on myself while recognizing that those things will make me feel good and happy.  


I've discovered that learning a new skill goes a long way in keeping my mind at ease. I'm quarantining with my grandparents and they have so much to teach.I'm now a bookbinder and a florist in addition to my day job of being a software developer! Who would have thought?


Hello @max and welcome. Well,  a bookbinder and a florist, those seem like exciting past times.  I love flowers and wish I could have fresh ones in my apartment every day, especially roses.

It's great that you get to quarantine with your grandparents so they don't get lonely, and there is lots of conversation throughout the day. Enjoy this special time you have with them.

I really have. Thank you


Maybe take up a hobby you've always been interested in but haven't had the time to do. Learn how to play that guitar sat in the corner of the room, take an online class or try cooking some new recipes. The hardest part is always starting, but once you start you will gain your motivation. Whatever it is you enjoy doing, do it. You will feel better for it and you may even come out of lockdown with a new skill!