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I am beginning to dislike my neighbors and feel bad.


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My neighbors are getting on my nerves.  They are loud and play the stereo loud and the dad sits around drinking beer and being noisy.  I am going stir crazy.


In life there will always be people who grind your gears. The best way to go about it is to ignore them. Unfortunately, their behaviour is out of your control and only you can control your own actions!




I can just imagine just how annoying that can be.  I used to live on the middle floor of an apartment block and the neighbours upstairs would be having a party every weekend.  You could hear everyone's footsteps, and yelling and bantering.  It used to drive me crazy.

I went on like that for a while until I eventually moved out.   I guess now it's especially annoying because everyone is sitting at home with nothing to do. 

Good luck to you. 


It is hard, I sometimes worry that I am the one causing the annoyance. I try to just be cognizant and limit it. 


My upstairs neighbor can also play his movies and music super loud and I just try to remember that he is going through this also. And you also can always ask politely, the worst someone can say is no!


As @blakegriffey said, the worst someone could do is say no.My take would be to ask politely


I would have a polite word with them. The longer this goes on, the more annoyed and frustrated you will become. Like others have said, everyone deals with things differently and everyone is finding their own ways of coping through lockdown. That being said, your neighbours should respect you too! It could be worse, you could be living in the middle of nowhere with no sound of other life going on around you at all! The grass is always greener, I suppose...