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Numbers are still climbing every day

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Hello everyone,

Forgive me for being out of action for the past few weeks.  I had some personal issues to attend to.  

Nonetheless, I just wanted to say that the numbers in my country are still climbing.  We are set to reach our peak around middle August - September.  I'm not sure how accurate this prediction is as I guess it is modelled on information that is known.  However, being the country in Africa with the highest number of cases, with a different climate and socio-economic conditions, the modelling is really just predictions and we don't know for certain.

Most businesses have opened up again, although, workers are still encouraged to work from home (those who can).  Some grades of schools have re-opened, but it is a bit chaotic at the moment as schools can be shut down without warning and for an indefinite period of time once positive cases are reported.

Are you guys doing any better?


Topic starter Posted : 08/07/2020 2:38 pm