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How do you make your CV such that it feels like a story?

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A story is what happened in the past. To tell a lively story requires a professional level.
First of all, the story needs a story core, that is, the story revolves around what happened, develops, and results. The story core should be exciting, interesting, fresh, and innovative.

Second, the story is about one thing, or it may be several things. It is told in the order of development or flashback, which can make the story structured, logically clear, and clear.

Third, for a story to develop, it must have a protagonist, such as a fairy tale. The protagonist may be a puppy, kitten, etc., or a toy doll. The adult-reading story takes people as the protagonist. What happened? Things, how people handle and treat them, how this thing changes a person, a group of people, and even the world.

Fourth, the story must have a supporting role. This secondary character may be a person, a group of people, or an object. The supporting role must serve the protagonist, accompany the protagonist, help the protagonist, and obey the protagonist.

Fifth, the angle of telling the story should be reasonable and the angle closest to the truth of the story. It should be true to the story, or tell the compiled story as if it was witnessed or heard with the ears, from the perspective of the storyteller , It also determines the excitement of the story. Choosing a good angle can make the story diversify, see the multi-faceted aspects of a thing, cause people who listen to the story to think in many ways, provide more possibilities, and enrich the world Colorful.

Sixth, storytelling requires skills. Good stories have suspense. Set up suspense so that the ending of the story is always changing, and you can form an interactive communication with readers. The structure is clever, with twists and turns. The final story should have rich, interesting language, circumflex, sincere and moving.

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