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Domestic Abuse. Reach Out for Help!

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This has really saddened me this morning. In such anxious times, it is disappointing to hear that many couples are not pulling together and domestic abuse is on the rise. I feel really sorry for people in abusive relationships, especially during this time. If we can learn anything from this, it's that people matter more than anything. This is really disheartening to read. 

I hope that anyone suffering from this horrible abuse can use this platform as a source of support. Reach out to us. We are here!

Topic starter Posted : 27/05/2020 4:56 am
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I mean, cases of domestic violence have only increased during the quarantine. I don't understand why this is happening, what is happening to people. And I'm very upset by this situation, because it's hard to fight it. Since I am very concerned about this topic, I decided to write a scientific paper on domestic violence and its consequences. I learned a lot of interesting things for myself from here, this problem is well addressed. I feel sorry for the children whose families are abused. After all, when the child grows up, he is likely to repeat the mistakes of his parents, which is scary.

Posted : 30/07/2021 6:24 am